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Payment Element In Forms

March 15, 20242 min read

Introducing a game-changing enhancement to our CRM: the Payments Element. Seamlessly integrate payment collection into your forms, offering a quick and efficient solution for businesses to enhance client interactions and streamline financial transactions.

Payment Element In Forms: Our CRM introduces a powerful Payments Element in the form builder, allowing you to seamlessly collect funds directly through your forms.👇🏻

⭐️ Why does it matter to your business?

  • Effortless Payment Collection: Streamline the process of collecting payments from clients through a simple and intuitive form element.

  • Quick Implementation: Instantly enhance your forms with the ability to capture payments, providing a convenient solution for your clients.

  • Enhanced Reporting: All payment transactions seamlessly integrate into the reporting section, providing a consolidated view of form submissions and financial transactions.

⭐️ How To Use Payment Element In Forms:

  1. Access the sites tab from the left navigation menu then go to form and create a new form or edit an existing one.

  2. In the form builder click on the “+” button to add the newly added payment element.

  3. Here you can see the payment element added in the canvas.

  4. Click on the element to access its settings and turn on the toggle and select the currency type according to the requirements.

  5. Here you can add multiple amounts by clicking on the “+” button.

  6. You can Hide/Show “other amount” field using the checkbox in the settings.

  7. After completing the form click save and then get a preview.

  8. When you enable the “other amount” field it’s gonna look like this.

  9. When a contact will submit the form you can see the “Payment amount” & “Payment Status” fields.

  10. And the contact who will submit the form will get a confirmation email including the Payment details.

  11. Access the payments tab from the left navigation menu then go to transactions and click on the three dots of the required contact and click on “View Transaction”.

  12. You will get all the details including the source and the total amount.

Implement this feature swiftly to provide your clients with a seamless, efficient way to handle payments directly through your forms.

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Pinnacle Ai

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