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Elevating Communication and Transparency with Enhanced Functionality in Conversations and Audit Logs!

October 05, 20232 min read

We're excited to unveil two significant enhancements to the Conversations page in Pinnacle AI CRM, aimed at optimizing your communication experience and ensuring transparency in your interactions. Dive into the details of improved contact search and comprehensive audit logs for conversation deletions, designed to streamline your user experience and maintain accountability.

Improved Contact Search: Effortless and Accurate

  • Without Country Code: Users can now seamlessly search for contact phone numbers directly within the Conversations page without needing to input the country code. The system will automatically attach the correct country code based on the account's location, providing a list of matching contacts for effortless retrieval.

  • With Country Code: Including a country code in the search will prompt the system to perform an exact search within the specified country, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in retrieving contact details.

Note: The search feature currently supports only the primary phone number of the contact.

Conversation Deletion Details in Audit Logs: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability

Gain comprehensive visibility into conversation deletions with the new audit logs feature, accessible from the settings menu. You can now view essential details such as:

  • The contact whose conversation was deleted.

  • The user who initiated the deletion.

  • The date and time of deletion.

This feature ensures transparency and accountability in the messaging history, offering a precise record of conversation deletions.


The introduction of enhanced contact search and detailed audit logs for conversation deletions in Pinnacle AI CRM is set to refine the user experience by streamlining access to contact details and maintaining a transparent record of conversation deletions. Navigate through your conversations with ease and maintain clear records with these valuable enhancements!

Thought-Provoking Questions and Insights

  • Optimizing Communication: How can the improved contact search functionality enhance communication efficiency and user satisfaction?

  • Maintaining Accountability: How does the detailed audit log for conversation deletions ensure accountability and transparency in user interactions?

  • Data Management: How can businesses leverage the detailed audit logs to analyze and manage their communication data effectively?

Explore these aspects and experience a refined communication journey with Pinnacle AI CRM!

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