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Enhancing Proposals and Estimates with Multiple Recipient Support in Pinnacle AI CRM!

October 16, 20232 min read

Pinnacle AI CRM is excited to introduce a significant enhancement to its proposals and estimates feature - the ability to send and assign signature elements to multiple recipients within a single document. This update ensures a more streamlined and efficient process for businesses, allowing for greater flexibility and collaboration in document signing.

Key Features of Multiple Recipient Support

  • Multiple Signatures: Businesses can now assign signature elements to various recipients, including the business user sending the proposal, ensuring each party's unique acknowledgment.

  • Unique Links for Signatures: Each recipient will receive a distinct link, granting them access to sign only their designated portion of the document.

  • Signer and CC Recipient Differentiation: Those with an associated signature field are termed 'signers', while contacts added to the document without a signature field are labeled as 'CC recipients'.

  • Comprehensive Signature Certificate: After all participants have signed or accepted the document, a signed PDF copy, along with a signature certificate, will be generated. This certificate captures essential details like IP address, location, and the date and time of signing for all signatories.

  • Primary Recipient Designation: The first added recipient is considered the primary recipient. Custom fields will populate based on this primary recipient's information, and an invoice will be generated for them once all parties have accepted or signed the document.


The introduction of multiple recipient support in Pinnacle AI CRM's proposals and estimates feature offers businesses a more flexible and efficient way to manage document signatures. Navigate through your proposals and estimates with enhanced collaboration and ensure all relevant parties can seamlessly acknowledge and sign documents.

Thought-Provoking Questions and Insights

  • Efficiency in Collaboration: How might the multiple recipient support feature streamline the document signing process and enhance collaboration among various parties?

  • Document Management: How can businesses optimize the use of unique links for signatures to ensure the integrity and authenticity of document signatories?

  • Enhanced User Experience: In what ways can the differentiation between 'signer' and 'CC recipient' enhance the user experience and clarity in document management?

Explore these aspects and navigate the path towards efficient document management with Pinnacle AI CRM!





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