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Enhancing Affiliate Management with Manual Lead Addition in Pinnacle AI CRM!

October 18, 20232 min read

Pinnacle AI CRM is excited to unveil a new and improved feature that allows for the manual creation of leads within the Affiliate Manager. This enhancement brings forth increased flexibility, ensuring accurate tracking of various conversions and fostering trust with affiliates.

Why Manual Leads in Affiliate Manager?

  • Flexibility in Tracking: Not all conversions, such as phone orders, offline purchases, or custom events, can be tracked automatically. Manual entry ensures accurate attribution to affiliates.

  • Handling Unique Cases: There might be instances where a lead or conversion doesn't fit into automated tracking systems. Manual leads offer flexibility in these situations.

  • Building Trust with Affiliates: Affiliates might refer potential customers through personal or offline interactions. Manual leads ensure they receive credit for their efforts.

  • Accuracy and Integrity: Manual leads provide a more precise representation of your affiliate program's performance, crucial for reporting and decision-making.

  • Supporting Offline Marketing: Affiliates might engage in offline marketing activities, acquiring leads that aren't easily trackable online.

  • Facilitating New Affiliate Onboarding: New affiliates, especially those with established networks, can benefit from the ability to manually add leads.

  • Special Campaigns or Promotions: Unique tracking methods for special promotions can be accommodated with manual leads.

How Does It Work?

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Affiliate Manager.

  2. Access the relevant affiliate module.

  3. Beside the "Add Coupon" button, you'll find the "Add Leads" option.

  4. Two options are available:

    • New Lead: Select the campaign and add basic details.

    • Import from Contacts: Import a contact based on offline marketing by searching their name.

CleanShot 2023-10-17 at 22.57.41.png

CleanShot 2023-10-17 at 22.59.03.png

CleanShot 2023-10-17 at 23.00.55.png

CleanShot 2023-10-17 at 23.01.40.png

Note: Manually added leads won't display any relevant purchase history records.


The ability to add manual leads in the Affiliate Manager of Pinnacle AI CRM ensures a comprehensive and flexible approach to affiliate management. It accommodates various scenarios, from offline marketing efforts to special campaigns, ensuring that affiliates receive due credit for their contributions.

Thought-Provoking Questions and Insights

  • Affiliate Trust: How can manual lead addition foster trust and strengthen relationships with affiliates?

  • Offline vs. Online: How does the manual addition of leads bridge the gap between offline and online marketing efforts?

  • Accuracy in Reporting: How can manual lead addition enhance the accuracy and integrity of affiliate program performance reports?

Dive into these aspects and optimize your affiliate management with Pinnacle AI CRM!

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Charles Higgins

He is the father of two handsome boys, one beautiful girl, and an automotive enthusiast. He has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years, with experience spanning everything from sales and service to financing and management. Charles' goal is to share his knowledge and experience with other sales professionals from various industries and businesses. He believes that brand building and social media marketing while utilizing the latest technology gave him the upper edge in his field. Charles wants to share these skills that he has honed over the years so that others can benefit from his expertise.

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