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New Feature: Copy Contact Workflow

November 10, 20232 min read

We’re excited to share a fantastic update with you that will significantly enhance your business operations if you use more than one account within our CRM.

What is Copy Contact Workflow Action? You can effortlessly move contacts to different accounts within our CRM if you have multiple accounts or businesses, allowing you to manage your leads more efficiently. Whether you're distributing leads based on different criteria or organizing customer data, this feature is your key to a streamlined and error-free process.👇🏻

⭐️ Why does it matter to your business?

  1. Efficient Lead Distribution: Distribute leads among different sub-accounts effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

  2. Organized Customer Data: Maintain a well-organized customer database without the hassle of manual data management.

  3. Customized Copying Options: Tailor the copying process to your specific needs by choosing what information to copy, ensuring precision in your targeting efforts.

⭐️ How to Copy Contact Workflow:

1. Access Workflow Builder: Log in to our CRM system and navigate to the Workflow Builder section.

Copy Contact Workflow

2. Set Conditions and Logic: Define your workflow conditions and logic to specify when the copy action should be triggered.

Copy Contact Workflow

3. Select Copy Contact Action: In the Workflow Builder, find and select the newly added "Copy Contact" action.

Copy Contact Workflow

4. Choose Contact and Destination: Select the contact you want to copy and indicate the destination sub-account where you want to move the contact.

Copy Contact Workflow

5. Customize Copying Options: Decide whether to copy tags or custom fields based on your business requirements.

Copy Contact Workflow

6. Execute and Track: Run the workflow to automatically copy the selected contact to the designated sub-account. Monitor the process in the Workflow Builder to ensure seamless execution and tracking of copied contacts.

Copy Contact Workflow

With Copy Contact, managing leads has never been easier. This feature empowers you to distribute leads efficiently, maintain organized customer data, and customize your copying options for precise targeting. Say goodbye to manual efforts and hello to streamlined lead distribution!

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