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Introducing Contact Engagement Scoring in Pinnacle AI CRM

October 23, 20231 min read

Pinnacle AI CRM is thrilled to unveil its latest feature: Contact Engagement Scoring. This innovative tool assigns a numerical value to each contact, reflecting their active and effective interactions with the platform.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy Profile Management: Users can effortlessly edit the name and description of their score profiles, ensuring clarity and relevance.

  • Rule Customization: Tailor the scoring system to your needs. Add new rules or modify existing ones to measure each contact's interactions. For instance, if a contact replies to an email or schedules an appointment, these rules help quantify such engagements.

  • Point Allocation: Assign specific points to each rule. Decide whether to add or subtract points based on the nature of the interaction.

  • Draft & Publish: Score profiles remain in draft mode by default. Once finalized and published, the scores reflect across all contacts.

  • Enhanced Conversations Module:

    • Visible Scores: In the conversations module, each contact's score is prominently displayed, allowing users to quickly gauge engagement levels.

    • Sorting Capability: Sort contacts based on their scores, highlighting high-priority contacts and identifying those needing more engagement.

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    • Advanced Filtering: Filter contacts based on specific score ranges, facilitating segmentation and targeted interactions.

    CleanShot 2023-10-20 at 12.24.58.png

Thought-Provoking Questions and Insights

  • The Power of Scoring: How can a systematic engagement scoring system transform the way businesses prioritize and interact with contacts?

  • Customization & Flexibility: With the ability to customize rules and allocate points, how does this feature empower businesses to tailor their engagement metrics?

  • Strategic Conversations: Given the visible scores in the conversations module, how can businesses strategize their communications to focus on high-potential contacts?

Harness the power of Contact Engagement Scoring with Pinnacle AI CRM and optimize your interactions for maximum impact!

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